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From basic lightbar guidance to high-accuracy autosteering, Topcon's precision systems are designed to increase productivity and reduce costs for today's operators.

Topcon consoles provide easy-to follow visual aids and job information for maximum control and efficiency. The controllers are easy to move from machine to machine, so you can use the systems for all your farming applications.

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No matter what size farm or agribusiness, what role you have, or what season it is, TOPCON has the solutions and services to help you get the job done right.

TOPCON brings improved efficiency and productivity to every phase of your farming operation.



With a proven track record of dependable and reliable products that stand up to the challenge of farm work, TOPCON combines precision positioning technology and advanced machine control to help you increase productivity, reduce inputs and maximize farm revenue. In an effort to keep your farm operating throughout the growing season, dealers have access to 24/7 support from the factory.

Inside you’ll find the tools you need to get your work done the right way, the first time.


TOPCON Precision Ag

AES-25 Accurate Electric Steering

TOPCON AES-25 brochure (0.7MB)

AES-25 is an advanced solution for all platforms - from basic steering to those striving for high-accuracy results. AES-25 is fully compatible with Topcon’s field-proven System 150 or System 350.

AES-25 not only provides precise steering control, but is a superb alternative to common hydraulic steering systems.

TOPCON Precision Ag

System 110 GPS Lightbar Guidance System

TOPCON System 100 brochure (1.0MB)

Topcon's lightbar guidance systems are well known tools of agriculture, improving efficiency and operating speeds while reducing overlap and extending hours of operation.

TOPCON Precision Ag

System 150 Precision AutoSteering System

TOPCON System 150 brochure (1.0MB)

Using next generation positioning technology, System 150 provides industry leading performance for today's farmer.

System 150 supports a wide range of steering ready tractors. On-screen visual aids and easy-to-read coverage maps provide job information for complete application accuracy.

TOPCON Precision Ag

System 350 Complete Precision Ag Control System

TOPCON System 350 brochure (2.0MB)

Featuring Topcon’s industry-leading X30 console with intuitive multi-view interface – powerful all-in-one control for your farming operation.

Plus, the Topcon’s new AGI-4 receiver/steering controller – the first truly modular and ISO compliant steering system.