TMC Cancela are a company dedicated to the manufacture of agricultural, forestry and hydraulic machinery. With more than 40 years behind them TMC Cancela specialize in the process of crushing forestry and agricultural waste.

TMC Cancela agricultural mulchers are characterised by their strength and reliability ensuring an excellent mulching job.

Available in a wide range of configurations to suit every application.


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TMC Cancela TF Forestry Mulchers are specially suitable for mulching branches and low trees, including the remaining stumps after the felling of trees.  Built in high strength steel Strenx® and with HARDOX® steel coatings these machines are the best forestry mulchers of their type in the market.

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Starting a project from scratch simply means that everything is looked at in minute detail.  TMC Cancela TX Stone Crushers are designed to exceed all your expectations by focusing on quality and by using the most innovative materials and components available.  With the ability to crush stones up to 30cm in diameter the TX range can transform a rocky property into a cultivable one or fix roads that are currently impracticable.

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TMC Cancela OR Log Splitters are the ideal solution for splitting logs for firewood.  Reliability, power, and durability allow you to split logs into four pieces - even hardwoods thanks to its hight power and the maximum performance of its hydraulic equipment.  Available in two drive types: through an independent hydraulic circuit actuated by a tractor PTO or by the tractor hydraulic circuit.

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