Rata Attachments

Rata Attachments


The Rata story is one that is unique to itself. The company started in a small way in a shed on the family farm back in 1982. This has meant throughout the life of the business the entire focus of the organisation has revolved around making things easier for farmers!  Rata also knows first-hand the importance of top quality machinery that will see the job through season after season without complaint.  It began with a small range of loader buckets, grabs & forks, but as word got around and the range expanded the equipment soon became so popular to the point that Rata attachments have become the common brand with farmers throughout NZ today.  Choose Rata and work with peace of mind knowing you are with the brand that so many kiwi farmers trust to get their jobs done every day.





Rata Equipment of Winchester, South Canterbury has built its success on knowing what works best for New Zealand farmers. For over thirty years they have designed and manufactured tractor attachments that take much of the hard slog and drudgery out of farming, and giving every farmer the best partner for their machine to suit every task.