Pottinger Mowers, Rakes, & Tedders

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In recent years, Pottinger has proven its incredible reliability and power by continuing to drive development in agricultural technology with a history going back 140 years.

Pottinger constantly invest in reseach and development as well as in the continuous expansion of their Technology and Innovation Centre, meaning their motto "More success with Pottinger" is more than just a promise to their customers but also their guiding principle.

Pottinger NovaCat & NovaDisc Disc Mowers & Conditioners

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Rear Mounted Disc Mowers/Conditioners

  • Gear drive - Centre pivot
  • Hydraulic suspension
  • Pendulum Hydraulic centre mounted cutter bar
  • Cutting widths from 2.62m - 4.3m.

Pottinger NovaDisc NovaCat brochure (4.0MB)

  • NovaCat Front Mounted Disc Mower(2)
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Front Mounted Disc Mowers/Conditioners

Europe’s No. 1 in front mount mowers for the best flotation.

  • All shaft central Gearbox Driven Transmission
  • Alpha-Motion headstock suspension
  • Quick Change blades
  • Cutting Widths from 3.43m - 4.6m

Pottinger NovaDisc NovaCat brochure (4.0MB)

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Double Rear Disc Mowers/Conditioners

Professional Double Rear Mounted Mower/Conditioner use in combination with Front Mounted mower (Alpha Motion 301)

  • All shaft Gearbox Drive Transmission – No inner skids
  • Pendulum mounted cutterbar
  • Quick Change blades – quick and easy blade changing
  • Cutting Widths from 8.3m - 9.98m

Pottinger NovaDisc NovaCat brochure (4.0MB)

  • NovaDisc EuroHit (2)
  • NovaDisc


Rear Mounted Disc Mowers/Conditioners

  • Belt drive/End Pivot/Sprung Suspension
  • No Inner Skid - Gearbox behind fist disc - No blockages
  • Same cutter-bar as professional NOVACAT models
  • Cutting Widths from 2.2m - 3.88m

Pottinger NovaDisc NovaCat brochure (4.0MB)

* Please note that JJ's only supplies Pottinger equipment at our Invercargill, Gore and Mosgiel branches.


Pottinger Tedder & Rake Range

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  • POTTINGER-Eurohit-8-Rotor-Tedders-Mounted-and-Trailed


Mounted 4/6/8 Rotor Tedders

  • Working widths 5.4m - 8.86m

Semi Mounted (Trailed) Tedders

  • Working widths from 8.86m

Trailed Rotary Tedders

  • Working widths 11.0m - 13.2m

Pottinger Tedder brochure (6.7MB)

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Single Rotor Rakes

  • Working widths 3.8m - 4.6m

Twin Rotor Centre Swather Rakes

  • Working widths 5.9m - 9.6m

4 X Rotor Centre Swather Rakes

  • Working widths 8m - 12.5m

Pottinger Rake brochure (3.0MB)

* Please note that JJ's only supplies Pottinger equipment at our Invercargill, Gore and Mosgiel branches.