Lely Commodus - Cow Cubicle

Lely CommodusLely Commodus Cow Cubicle Flexibility in every way

The Commodus cubicle guides cows easily into their places and provides them with the maximum possible comfort.

Due to the flexible fixing of the cubicles, the Lely Commodus cubicle will not hurt cows when impacted. The flexible fixing will also soften the impact when a cow is rising up from an awkward position.

The Commodus cubicle is a guiding cubicle rather than a fixed cubicle. This intelligent concept also enables a cow to adopt a lying position that is nearly as free as in the field. There are no side bars that could press on the cow’s back and the front part of the cubicle leaves plenty of space for the head, which is necessary when lying down or standing up.

Manufactured with the animals welfare, comfort and health in mind

Lely CommodusKey Features

  • Easily changed cubical width
  • Flexible fixing to soften impact
  • Quick and easy to install
  • High cow comfort
  • Cows completely free
  • Positive influence on milk production


Lely Commodus Cubicle brochure (1.46 MB)