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Lely Calm Automatic Calf FeederLely Calm Automatic Calf Feeder

Anyone in pursuit of a sustainable cow with a high lifetime production must first optimise the rearing of young cattle.

The Lely Calm automatic calf feeder guarantees the optimal growth and development of these young animals. Calves can still enjoy their natural behaviour and drink whenever they want, in a controlled way, while labour is reduced to the minimum.

After all, today's calves are tomorrow's high performance cows.



Lely Calm Automatic Calf FeederLely CalmRearing without stress

When a calf drinks from its mother, it usually drinks adequate portions spread over the day.

However, in today's farmingwhen a calf is fed manually, this is restricted to once or twice a day.

This is why Lely introduced the Lely Calm automatic calf feeder, which supplies the correct portion and concentration of feed spread over the day, resembling the natural behaviour fo the calf.


Lely Calm Automtic Calf FeederKey Benefits

  • Time saving.
  • Quicker growth rate.
  • Better rumen development.
  • Labour flexibility.
  • Individual calf management.
  • Stable and exact milk temperature.
  • Flexible feeding schedules.
  • Weaning without stress.
  • Suitable for all farm sizes.

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