JOSKIN Toppers and Aerators

Joskin Toppers & Aerators


   Founded in 1968, the JOSKIN family business became a leader in the design and manufacture of agricultural machines.

Spread over Belgium, Poland and France on a total surface area of almost 150,000 m2, the JOSKIN production sites are exporting to more than 60 countries.

Technical skills within very modern and highly precise techniques are used: dynamic 3D simulation, automated lasers, folding presses, high tensile steel, hot-dip galvanisation, automated continuous weldings. 


Joskin Topper 2


BJ Choppers

Mowing leftovers in your pastures, chopping your fallows or clearing small shrubs (max. 30 mm) are works that require multi-functional and strong machines. That is why JOSKIN designed the BJ choppers, in order to meet your needs. They have a strong construction as well as heavier blades, which therefore have a higher inertia. The blades are mounted on pivoting points and can therefore turn on 360°.

Scariflex R6S6 - High Tech Meadow Areators

The SCARIFLEX R6S6 only has flexible tines that are distributed over 6 rows with a total spacing of only 25cm.  They ensure, thanks to their "vibrating" effect, a complete work on the ground, not only on meadow, but also on grasslands or tillage lands, by way of mechanical weeding techniques, notably in the biological agriculture.The SCARIFLEX R6S6 is a perfect weeder harrow to scarify meadows.

JOSKIN Topper/Aerator brochure (3.6MB)

* Please note that JJ's only supplies JOSKIN equipment at our Invercargill, Gore, and Mosgiel branches.