Duncan Ag Tine Drill Gravity Seeders


The original Duncan Ag Renovator series, featuring all the tilth benefits of hard wearing tungsten 'T' boots mounted on 25mm coil tines with the economic simplicity and accuracy of gravity fed delivery for precise placement of seed and fertiliser.

The Duncan Ag name is synonymous with quality, durability and innovation. They have a comprehensive range of over 14 seeders - each built to the same exacting standards that has been with Duncan since 1865.

  • Duncan Ag Mk4 Renovator - 6568 copy

The Renovator MK4 is a strong proven and reliable seeding machine developed in close consultation with farmers.


  • Seed and fertiliser bins
  • 5, 6 or 7 inch row spacing options
  • Weather skirts to cover over seeder rails
  • Large loading platform with safety rails
  • Weigh kit with scales
  • Bin lids open to 110 degrees
  • Easier set-up and low cost maintenance design
  • Accurate calibration system
  • Turbo tilth disc openers to open the slot and create tilth
  • 3 metre or 3.5 metre sowing width.

Renovator MK4 brochure (1.0MB)

  • Duncan Ag Renovator Classic Image

Built specifically for farmers, the Renovator Classic has earned its name through years of performance in the most testing climate, terrain and soil conditions, combined with precision design and engineering.


  • 6 inch row spacing
  • Duncan 'T' boot with tungsten tile on leading edge
  • Weigh kit for accurate calibration of sowing rates
  • Safety chains allow safe towing
  • Stainless steel agitator shaft to help prevent seed compaction in the seed and fertiliser boxes
  • Peg tooth metering wheels to enable sowing a wide range of sized products
  • Optional following tools.

Renovator Classic brochure (1.0MB)

  • EcoSeeder+BrnGrass-SepiaSky_clearcut copy

The Renovator Eco Seeder has been designed for today's farmer at a price that won't break the budget. It's able to sow a variety of seeds from clover, rape and swedes right up to oats, wheat and peas. Single box 14 row or dual and single box 18 row.


  • Duncan 'T' boot for excellent seed bed environment
  • Tungsten tile on the leading edge to increase the life od the point
  • Tungsten chip points also available for stony conditions
  • Weigh kit
  • Rear foot board
  • Dual box is a two in one bin
  • Optional following tools.

Renovator Eco Seeder brochure (6.0MB)

  • TFD_2 copy

Duncan Ag's newest seed drill, the Duncan Renovator TFD, offers enhanced penetration in variable ground conditions due to rotating beams that enable individualised setting of the tine ranks. Rate controller, push button calibration system with radar.


  • Rotating beams
  • Dual box delivery
  • 5 inch row spacing
  • Heavy duty 'S' tine with new style boot and point
  • Electric drice and radar (seed and fertiliser boxes)
  • Large loading platform with safety rails
  • Weigh kit with scales
  • Stainless steel agitator shaft
  • Peg roller seeder unit.

Renovator TFD brochure (1.0MB)