Duncan Ag Drill Accessories


Duncan Ag drills are complemented and supported by accessories designed for enhanced results and superior wear.

Reliable, functional and easy to use, they're proven to perform under a wide range of conditions.

The Duncan Ag name is synonymous with quality, durability and innovation. They have a comprehensive range of over 14 seeders - each built to the same exacting standards that has been with Duncan since 1865.

  • Uni Roller

Another effective following tool option from Duncan Ag for after sowing direct or into worked ground.  The Uni-roller comes with new tyres for even compaction, can be water filled for added weight, and is able to be towed on the road.

Uni-roller brochure (0.5MB)

  • Duncan Ag Tine Harrows Image

The ideal & economical following tool after sowing direct or into worked ground.  Offering adjustable tension and tine pitch, with transport and work positions.  This covering tool will create good seed-to-soil contact.

Tine Harrow brochure (0.5MB)

  • Duncan Ag Slug Bait Spinner Image

A heavy-duty 12-volt broadcast spreader that has been specifically developed for spreading bait in arable cropping situations.  Features a continuously variable working width up to 24m wide for maximum coverage and efficiency and a metering slide to offer variable sowing rates.

  • Duncan Ag Air Hopper Image

Pneumatic or electric air seeding machine to enable accurate and wind-independent seed dispersal of intercrops, over-sowing or reseeding.  For use with tilling implements, cultivation implements, harrow, field and grassland rollers, rotary hoe and tined weeder.