Massey Ferguson MF5610 Polar Tractor Lands in Antarctica all set for 5000 km Expedition.

Arrival coincides with Anniversary of the Creation of the Massey Ferguson Brand Name.

Massey Ferguson and JJ Limited - both born in 1958.

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Massey Ferguson, a worldwide brand of AGCO (NYSE:AGCO), is proud to announce that the Massey Ferguson MF 5610 tractor set to spearhead an expedition to the South Pole has touched down in the Antarctic.

The ambitious Antarctica2 mission to reach the Pole by tractor is scheduled to depart on its 5000 km journey across the ice this weekend (22/23 November) depending on weather conditions.

Transported in a IL76 heavy-cargo aircraft, the tractor landed at Novo Runway from Cape Town where it has been undergoing final preparations for its polar adventure.

“It’s wonderful to see the first pictures of our MF 5610 tractor in Antarctica which will be its place of work for the next few weeks,” says Campbell Scott, Massey Ferguson, Director Sales Engineering and Brand Development. “The arrival of the MF 5610 at this time is highly appropriate as it coincides with the official birth of the Massey Ferguson brand name on 19th November 1957.

“We are really looking forward to the start of the mission and following the progress of the Antarctica2 expedition team as it makes its way to the Geographical South Pole. This 2014 trek aims to emulate the achievement of explorer Sir Edmund Hillary who led the first mechanised expedition to the South Pole in 1958 using a fleet of Ferguson TE20 tractors. “

The 110hp MF 5610 is a standard production tractor which has been specially-prepared for the extreme Antarctic conditions by the Massey Ferguson engineering team at AGCO’s Beauvais Tractor Plant in France.

Expedition Ambassador and Lead Driver is Manon Ossevoort, better known as ‘Tractor Girl’, who has already driven a tractor 38,000 km from her home in the Netherlands through Europe and Africa. She is joined on the trip by a small multi-national team including  seasoned polar explorers, technical and communications specialists.

“Apart from being a herculean test of strength and endurance, the expedition will show the world how accessible technologies and innovative services can help the new generation of farmers. Their challenge will be to create sustainable businesses to meet the world's growing need for food," Campbell adds.

Together with Massey Ferguson which is supplying the tractor, Antarctica2 has enlisted  the help of leading industry partners including Trelleborg, Castrol, AGCO Finance, AGCO Parts, Fuse Technologies and Mechatrac.

You can follow the team’s challenge every day at WWW.ANTARCTICATWO.COM and #BelieveInIt or follow updates on JJ's FACEBOOK PAGE.

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