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Fendt tractors stand alone - Always Have - Always Will.

Fendt stands alone because of their unparalleled technology and superior engineering quality.  Every Fendt tractor is a Fendt Vario. This means higher performance, lower fuel consumption and saved working time.  Fendt's pioneering spirit was the driving force from the very beginning with the development of the legendary Dieselross.



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396 to 517 horse power


  • MAN 12.4 litre 6 cylinder engine
  • Low speed engine concept Fendt iD
  • Fendt Life Cab
  • PowerPlus, Profi, ProfiPlus specifications

Maximum performance 365 days a year

Fendt 1000 Vario brochure (2MB)

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300 to 420 horse power


  • 9.0 l MAN engine
  • Fendt iD low engine speed concept
  • 2-circuit hydraulics
  • Smart 4WD VarioDrive

The 900 Vario Gen 6 - are you ready for more?

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270 to 390 horse power


  • 7.8 litre Deutz SCR engine
  • Step-less Vario transmission
  • Pneumatic three-point cab suspension
  • ABS Braking & Fendt stability central FSC

The 900 series Vario makes the impossible possible

Fendt 900 Vario S4 brochure

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220 to 280 horse power


  • 6 cylinder - 6.1 litre - 4 valve SCR engine
  • Step-less variable speed transmission
  • Hydro-pneumatic front axle suspension
  • 3.5m3 operator paradise with panorama view

The compact high horsepower tractor range

Fendt 800 S4 brochure

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144 to 237 horse power

Perfected for every kind of work.

Fendt 700 Vario – the perfectionist. It's the cornerstone behind every Fendt innovation: take something great and make it better. It's no coincidence that the Fendt 700 Vario has been one of the most popular tractor series for years. Its combination of strength, agility, functionality and comfort make it a reliable partner. Now the operating philosophy FendtONE, consisting of a new driver's workstation and the FendtONE platform, sets even higher standards.

Fendt 700 Gen6 brochure (6.04MB)

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145 to 240 horse power


  • 6.1 litre - 6 cylinder - SCR engine
  • New Fendt VisioPlus cab
  • Vario Active steering for a sharper turning angle
  • 50km/h transport speed at only 1700 engine revs

Perfection in its best form

Fendt 700 Vario S4 brochure

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125 to 165 horse power


  • Completely new tractor series
  • 4 cylinder - 4 litre - SCR engine
  • Fendt VisioPlus cab for visibility without limits
  • Fendt Variotronic controls

The all new 500 series formed by ideals

Fendt 500 SCR brochure

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300 Vario Generation 4:
Always the right choice. For 40 years. And for many years to come.

The Fendt 300 has been a unique success story since 1980, with 140,000 vehicles sold. This series is perfect for most farms in terms of performance, quality, versatility and outstanding residual value. The 4th generation Vario features the all-new driver's workstation with FendtONE as well as the high-end model 314 with 152 hp max. output. The concept seamlessly unites machine and office. With this, the 300 Vario is again a pioneer among compact standard tractors.

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95 to 135 horse power


  • 4 Cylinder - 4.04 l Deutz engine with 4-valve technology
  • Stepless vario transmission
  • 40km/h transport speed at 1750rpm
  • Compact dimensions with maximum manoeuvrability

The original

Fendt 300 Vario brochure

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77 to 111 horse power

The Fendt 200 Vario is convincing down the line in the compact standard tractor segment. Discover the unbeatable Fendt Vario technology in a power range from 77 to a maximum of 111 HP. Be inspired by the tried and trusted continuously variable gearbox and the user-friendly operation.

Fendt 200 S3 Standard brochure

Fendt 200 S3 V/F/P Specialist brochure

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70 to 110 horse power

The 3-cylinder AGCO Power engine was specially developed for the new 200 Vario in collaboration with engineers from Fendt. It is characterised by liveliness, high torque as well as exceptionally smooth running. Together with the ingenious Vario transmission and the perfect working speed at all times, you can maximise area coverage and operate the engine at its economic optimum.

Fendt 200 Vario brochure

Fendt 200 Vario V/F/P Specialist brochure