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Tigo MR

Professional technology for your medium-sized business.  Ultimate in feed quality.  Vast loading space.  Quick unloading.  The Fendt Tigo MR forage wagons will meet your needs.  The multifunctional bulkhead with VarioFill gives you an enormous loading space of up to 50m3 with an additional 6m3.  Whether silage or hay:  The automatic loading system with continuously adjustable pre-compacting pressure uses every cubic metre and actively upports unloading.

Fendt Tigo MR Brochure (6.75MB)

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Tigo XR & PR

Highest feed quality.  Enormous loading space.  Quick unloading.  With the Fendt Tigo, you’re always right on track, either on low-lying land, on the roads, or on difficult terrain.  The inclination of the vehicle on a slope is always held on the same level by the Fendt Stability Control (FSC).  Its stability is impressive, even when taking corners.  You feel the safety and the singular drive comfort with each load.

Fendt Tigo XR & PR Brochure (6.36MB)

Fendt Tigo Forage Wagon