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The first FENCE-PRO post driver was developed by a fencing contractor who was frustrated by the limitations of the current models available. This was the start of the FENCE-PRO brand, and this new post driver quickly became popular with other contractors.

FENCE-PRO is dedicated to constantly improving the products to ensure they keep up with emerging fencing techniques. FENCE-PRO also provide both farmers and fencing contractors with reliable and easy to use post drivers which can adapt to all terrain and soil types.

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Fencepro Professional Post Drivers

The Ultra G3 is designed specifically for the professional fencing contractor. Ultra heavy duty in every way, to ensure long term durability in difficult fencing conditions such as Canterbury stones.

Consultation with professional fencing contractors and careful attention to detail has resulted in a rammer that can handle any conditions.  Computer aided design and world class manufacturing techniques ensure the rammers are assembled accurately for ease of use and long life.

FENCE-PRO Ultra G3 brochure (1.7MB)

Fencepro Professional Post Drivers

The FENCE-PRO Ultra G2 has proven to be the professional fencing contractors first choice of post driver.  This is mainly due to the fact that difficult fencelines are handled with ease and safety and posts are quickly and accurately positioned.

The vast number of options available for the Ultra G2 means each operator can set up the rig to suit their fencing style and local terrain and soil types.

The Ultra G2 is capable of extreme mast angles for steep country.

FENCE-PRO Ultra G2 brochure (3.0 MB)

Fencepro Professional Post Drivers

The FENCE-PRO Mule is an extremely robust and versatile driver capable of very high workloads in difficult conditions.  The mast is the same construction as the Ultra G2 and can be fitted with a wide range of options so as to adapt to all types of terrain and soil types.

The Mule can mount directly behind the tractor, or on a sidemount ot a rearshift unit.  One man post positioning is easy with the mast shift and sidemount combo.

FENCE-PRO Mule brochure (3.0 MB)

Fencepro Professional Post Drivers

Farmers love the versatility of the FENCE-PRO Farmtek.

They can mount it directly behind the tractor or on the SM900 sidemount unit.  The adjustable feet allow them to get extra drop height for strainers and the hydraulic operation is simple and safe to use.

The Farmtek thrives on hard work and is extremely durable, aided by thorough sandblasting and an industry leading paint system..

FENCE-PRO Farmtek brochure (2.9 MB)

Fencepro Professional Post Drivers

There is a great range of small accessories for your FENCE-PRO Professional Post Driver

  • Toolboxes
  • Chainsaw holders
  • Fencer spades

FENCE-PRO Accessories brochure (2.8 MB)

Fencepro Professional Post Drivers

FENCE-PRO Rockdrill

  • Saves you time and effort in hard conditions
  • Allows you to put a strainer post in gnarly places
  • Safer that usinf explosives and more accurate

FENCE-PRO Rockdrill brochure (1.4 MB)

Fencepro Professional Post Drivers

New! Manual Positioning Rockspike Extractor System.

  • Nearside: Simply pull the lever to move the Rockspike in and out of the working position.
  • Farside: Simply push the lever to move the Rockspike in and out of the working position.

FENCE-PRO Rockspike brochure (3.0 MB)

* Please note that JJ's only supplies FencePro equipment at our Invercargill, Gore and Mosgiel branches.

Vibrating post Driver vs Fencepro Farmtek


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