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Bondioli and Pavesi are the market leader in high end driveshafts for agricultural and industrial applications. 

Bondioli and Pavesi PTO driveshafts have been perfected on the experience that has been gained from the design and manufacture of PTO drivelines since 1950. Constant research and exclusive production methods have enabled Bondioli and Pavesi to obtain high levels of performance and quality in a trusted, world leading, PTO driveshaft.

Bondioli and Pavesi Genuine Yokes

  • Bondioli Yokes are made from high quality steel built to withstand the sideways flexing force which occurs under load. This overcomes the problems of yokes shattering, unlike many of the alternative manufacturers who use poor quality steel to keep the price down.
  • This stiffness of the genuine Bondioli Yokes is essential to the proper performance and long life of the universal joint. 

Bondioli and Pavesi Genuine Universal cross

  • Dust, dirt and moisture can shorten a drivelines life dramatically, so effective sealing is essential to retain lubricants and protect from moisture and contamination. 
  • Genuine Bondioli Cross kits have needle bearings with double lip seals, designed to prevent dust and dirt contamination 
  • Genuine Bondioli crosses have higher strength trunnions, increased needle bearing life and longer lubrication intervals. 
  • Be aware that some alternative universal joints have incorrect cup tolerances, resulting in overheating and joint failure due to the friction generated from the cups spinning inside the yoke ears.

Bondioli and Pavesi Genuine Profile tubes

  • The performance of Bondioli universal joints, demands an equally high performance from telescopic driveline tubes. The design results in a tube with high strength, minimal thrust force and low weight which overall means a stronger and more functional driveshaft. 
  • Tubing used on wide angle driveshafts is Rilsan plastic coated to ensure even less telescopic thrust and longer life.
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