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Valtra tractors are recognized for their reliability, versatility, durability and Nordic roots. Each tractor is manufactured to withstand the harshest climates and deliver the highest levels of performance in the toughest working conditions.

In Scandinavia, tractors have to work in a wide range of conditions, from long, light summer days on the farm to extremely snowy conditions in the forest.

This is why you can be sure that a Valtra will work all-year-round: you can customise your tractor to handle not only grassland farming, but also arable farming, forestry and municipal maintenance tasks.


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Valtra Tractors

270 to 400 horsepower

  • AGCO Power 84 AWF engine: A Finnish powerhouse and a world first!
  • AVT transmission - meets your toughest demands.
  • Spacious cab, pneumatic cab suspension, Valtra ARM.
  • Reverse-drive system for working productively in both directions.
  • AutoGuide Ready for precision farming.

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Valtra Tractors

155 to 250 horsepower

The T Series continues the long tradition of powerful 6-cylinder tractors from Scandinavia. The T Series offers the right alternative for customers looking for a lot of power for both traditional farming tasks, as well as municipal and forest applications.

The T Series is recognised around the world as a heavy-duty machine that nevertheless offers the highest levels of comfort for long hours of efficient work.

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99 to 171 horsepower

The Valtra N Series offers the very best performance and specifications in a balanced and functional package. The Valtra N Series represents Nordic practicality at its best, encouraging year-round use even in the most demanding conditions. All primary modules are designed and built in-house, including the engine, chassis, transmission, rear axle, hydraulics and cab. Versatility means that the same tractor can be used in various tasks and conditions, this is why contractors like Valtra tractors.

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88 to 110 horsepower

The new and improved A Series allows customers to enjoy a level of productivity and technology that was previously available only on larger tractors.

A Series tractors are strong, lightweight and agile tractors. Their compact size and good manoeuvrability makes them ideal for crop and cattle farms, fruit farms and orchards as well as in forest and municipal applications. The work efficiency, user-friendliness and easy servicability make A Series tractors true all-rounders.

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* Please note that JJ's only supplies Valtra equipment at our Gore and Mosgiel branches.

Valtra Tractors