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Massey Ferguson®, with more than 160 years of innovation and experience, is one of the world’s leading tractor brands, offering one of the most complete lines of agricultural tractors in the industry.

Extending from ruggedly simple to high-specification tractors, Massey Ferguson’s product line also includes vineyard, fruit, utility and compact tractors for demanding specialist applications.  Massey Ferguson is also a force in the global harvesting business.


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Massey Ferguson

The new dimension in farming power.

  • 5 models available - 270 - 400 ISO HP
  • 6 cylinder AGCO POWER Stage 4 engines
  • New Generation SCR(2) Engine Technology
  • New larger fuel tanks for longer working days
  • A Best-in-Class operator environment
  • Powerful rear linkage with 12,000 kg lift capacity
  • Dyna-VT Transmission
  • Standard with full Telemetry Package

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Massey Ferguson

Exactly how a tractor should be.

The MF8600 Series is an accumulation of power, strength, superior engineering, up-to-the-minute ergonomics and cleaner, more fuel efficient engines.

This is possibly the hardest working tractor you'll ever own, it's exactly and precisely how a tractor should be.

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Massey Ferguson

Power and flexibility for any job

Building on the hugely successful MF7600 Series, winner of many awards across Europe, the MF7700 continues the trend set by Massey Ferguson for highly dependable, straightforward, low maintenance tractors that provide efficiencies across all farming operations.

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Massey Ferguson

Power, performance and efficiency

The MF7600 Series is built around our trademark standards of award-winning innovation and advanced engineering. The MF7600 Series consists of three versions, tailored to meet the independent and specific needs of today's operators.

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Massey Ferguson

Welcome to the S effect from Massey Ferguson

The moment you look at the MF 6700 S, you have this ‘dejà-vu’ feeling you get with each X700 Series Generation from Massey Ferguson — except for the product number decal, the design is pretty much similar, and nothing looks changed.

But that’s where most of the farmers operating the MF 6700 S after an MF 6600 would be wrong. Nothing is changed design-wise — or at least the modifications aren’t perceptible to the naked eye — yet everything is different.

MF6700S Brochure (2.2 MB)

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  • MF6600 Series (6)

Massey Ferguson

The most powerful, compact 4 cylinder tractor available.

The MF6600 blends all the benefits of a 4 cylinder machine - compact dimensions, low overall weight, good manoeuvrability - with the pulling, pushing and lifting power to match a comparable six cylinder tractor.

With models spanning max powers of 135 hp to 165 hp, there is a MF6600 tractor to match every size and type of operation.

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Massey Ferguson

Pure Power & Performance for your farm

The Massey Ferguson DNA clearly runs through the MF 5700 SL range continuing the triumphant multi award-winning legacy of its predecessors in this 100-130hp power segment.

With its stylish and smart design, the MF 5700 SL Series brings the best visibility on the market thanks to its steepnose bonnet. With efficient drivelines, the latest on-board technologies, including now Auto-Guide™ 3000 guidance system, its new intelligent dashboard and high levels of comfort, the MF 5700 SL will help you to concentrate on getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

MF5700SL Brochure (3.7MB)

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Massey Ferguson

The new workhorses of the world

With this new and straightforward range of tractors, Massey Ferguson has taken the concept of the sub-130hp tractor and re-engineered it from the ground up to meet the needs of present and future farming.

In this power bracket, no other range on the market today offers such an array of build specifications, options and accessories, all designed to help tailor your machine exactly the way you need it for your farming operation.

MF5700 Global Series brochure (21.9 MB)

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Massey Ferguson

The Ultimate Loader Tractor

Offered in five horsepower models, these machines are fitted with the Dyna 4 transmission in all Essential models, and the Dyna 6 in the larger Efficient specification.

With the latest in operator comfort and mechanial efficiency, these tractors are truly exceptional.

The 5600 models share many of the features of the class leading and award winning 6600 and 7600 series tractors. Cab design and layout is in line with the existing medium to high horsepower Massey Ferguson models, making it easier for customers to transition between all products from 80 to 260 horsepower.

MF5600 Series Brochure (5.22 MB)

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Massey Ferguson

A new tractor for a new world

With the new Global Series, Massey Ferguson has taken the concept of a utility tractor and re-engineered it from the ground up to meet the needs of present and future farming.

  • 74-82 HP 3 and 4 cylinder AGCO POWER engines
  • 12x12 synchromesh transmission
  • Electro-hydraulically engaged diff lock and 4WD available
  • Electronic Linkage Control (ELC)
  • 2 Auxiliary spool valves

MF4700 Global Series brochure (21.9 MB)

  • MF4600 Series (1)
  • MF4600 Series (2)
  • MF4600 Series (3)
  • MF4600 Series (4)
  • MF4600 Series (5)
  • MF4600 Series (6)

Massey Ferguson

Proven power and efficiency

This mid horsepower tractor range features three models with engine power from 80 - 100 HP making them versatile, multi-purpose tractors capable of tackling a host of jobs around farms and municipalities.

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  • MF3600 Series (1)
  • MF3600 Series (2)
  • MF3600 Series (3)
  • MF3600 Series (4)
  • MF3600 Series (5)

Massey Ferguson

V-S & F Models

If you're looking for a specialist tractor which is easy to drive, but still boasts an excellent amount of agility, power and stability, then the MF3600 Specialist Series is for you..

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  • MF2600 Series (1)
  • MF2600 Series (2)
  • MF2600 Series (3)
  • MF2600 Series (4)
  • MF2600 Series (5)

Massey Ferguson

Proven power and efficiency

The Massey Ferguson 2600 Series is a rugged line of utility tractors that are built to get the job done.  With models ranging from 38.5 to 74 engine horsepower, the MF2600 Series tractor meets the requirements of today's demanding marketplace.  With innovative styling, user-friendly controls, and a roomy operator's area, the MF2600 lineup delivers a level of comfort that is surprising in a utility tractor.

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  • MF GC1700 Series (4)
  • MF GC1700 Series (3)
  • MF GC1700 Series (1)

Massey Ferguson

Compact tractors. Big performance.

For both residential and professional operations, the MF GC1700 Series delivers across the board - from easier operation and greater comfort to reducing fatigue, improving safety and maximising productivity.

The MF GC1700 Series tractors are designed to make light work of big jobs.

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