Lely Automatic Milking System

Lely Robotic Milking SystemLely Astronaut Automatic Milking System

The nice thing about milking with the Lely Astronaut automatic milking system is not just that you have more time, but in addition, you have far more flexibility.

You can organise your working day the way you like it, knowing that the production level of your cows is on the increase and that you are producing superb quality milk.


Lely Automatic Milking SystemKey Features

  • More flexibility for the farmer
  • Maximum cow comfort in the spacious robot box
  • Maximum freedom for the cow, free cow traffic
  • On-line sometic cell count measuring system
  • Milk quality control sensors
  • 4 Effect pulsation unit (required pulsation per quarter)


Lely Robotic Milking

Lely Robitic Milking Systems

Lely Automatic Miling System


Lely Astronaut How does it work?


Lely Astronaut Automatic Milking System